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Women make up 50% of the UK workforce but less than 15% of STEM jobs


Computing is where the jobs are — and where they will be in the future — but women and girls are being left behind. While interest in computer science declines over time, the biggest drop-off happens during a girl’s teenage years. By university, women account for less than a third of STEM undergraduates in the UK.


Girls Who Code is changing that


Since launching in the United States in 2012, Girls Who Code has reached 185,000 girls through its programmes, and 100 million people through campaigns, advocacy work, and 13-book New York Times best-selling series.

Our Clubs lead the way



Girls Who Code Clubs are free programmes that get girls ages 11-18 excited about coding and computer science. Clubs can run before, during or after-school, on weekends or over the summer. In Clubs, girls engage in fun and simple online coding tutorials, build community through interactive activities, learn about inspiring role models in tech, and work together to design solutions to real-world problems facing their communities.




Start a free Club today


Schools, libraries, universities, faith-based organisations and other non-profits can apply now to start a free Girls Who Code Club in the UK. Clubs are led by volunteer Facilitators; many have NO technical experience.



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